Get Your Smile Back With Dental Implants

Although they’ve been around for more than 50 years, dental implants are not as well-known as they should be. This revolutionary technology allows people to enjoy a smile full of secure, anchored teeth that look and feel natural. If this sounds like something you need, call our St. Petersburg, FL dentist Dr. Jeffery Spilman at 727-645-4727 today!

Replace Your Teeth To Look And Feel Better

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Even if you’ve been living with missing teeth for years, it’s time to think about replacing them. Consider all the benefits of complete tooth replacement:

  • No more pain when trying to eat solid foods – just ease when eating crunchy snacks
  • No unsightly gaps – just beautiful, natural-looking teeth
  • No more self-consciousness about missing teeth – just confident, happy smiles
  • No shifting teeth inside your mouth – just solid, secure roots
  • No extra pressure on your remaining teeth – just comfortable, even balance

How can replacement tooth roots provide all this? By offering you an artificial system that behaves like your teeth’s natural roots. Titanium, the metal that composes dental implants, is known for being an incredibly strong metal. But did you know it’s also biocompatible? That means it gets along great with your body! This creates tooth replacements that are sturdy and natural-feeling, allowing you to look and feel normal.

Get A Dental Implant Restoration That Works For You

Our restorations are tailored into unique solutions that fit you and your lifestyle:

  • Standard implant restoration, involving one dental crown per implant.
  • Mini implants, which are smaller than the standard size but structurally similar. These are great for securing dentures.
  • Implant-retained or implant-supported dentures, which snap or clip onto implants for a secure fit that doesn’t slip.
  • Four or six posts that support a full arch of teeth designed right in our office.

Our office does not perform the placement surgery so that we can focus all of our attention on providing quality prosthetics, or replacement teeth. We have been referring patients to a neighboring specialist for several years. Once the specialist places your implants, you can head over to Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS for your crown, bridge, or denture restoration.

Why live with missing teeth when you can have the smile you’ve always wanted? Call us today at 727-645-4727 for your free consultation.

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