Give Your Kids The Same Quality Dental Care You Get

When it comes to your kids’ oral health, you aren’t going to settle for a St. Petersburg, FL dentist just because it’s convenient. You know they deserve the same level of care you receive. That’s why Dr. Jeffery Spilman offers excellent pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Spilman on bringing your child to the dentist for the first time

As a family dental office, we understand the importance of compassionate, high-quality care that doesn’t require you to make an extra trip. When you bring your children with you to Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS, you know you’re getting the best of both worlds. Call us today at 727-645-4727 to schedule their appointments – and yours!

Choose A Dentist Who Understands Your Kids’ Needs

Our commitment to customized treatment applies to patients of all ages. We provide age-appropriate care to children and teenagers, making sure to consider any nervousness or reservations. Bring little ones with you to your dental cleanings so they can get used to our office. We’ll give them a turn in the chair and perform a cursory dental exam. This way, they can get used to the idea of having us around. We never want your child’s first encounter with us to take place as a result of pain. We’ll give them lots of positive experience before they ever need treatment.

  • Got a thumb-sucker? If your child is young, this is a perfectly normal way to self-soothe. But if your little one is over 4 years old and still sucking their thumb, it may be time to intervene. Fortunately, we offer a totally pain-free solution! We can create a soft plastic guard that will inhibit thumb sucking. That way, you can break your child of the habit before they develop long-term orthodontic problems.
  • If your child loses a baby tooth too early, we can gently place a spacer to maintain the structure of their smile. This will ensure that permanent teeth are guided in correctly and without complications.
  • For young kids and teens (and sports-minded adults) we offer custom-made athletic mouthguards. Keep your kid smiling by protecting their teeth, lips, and gums. We even offer mouthguards in their team’s colors so your kids can show their spirit while protecting their smile!

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best For Your Children

Your children deserve quality dental care. You deserve the convenience of a dentist who can treat your whole family in one location. Get both from Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS by calling us today at 727-645-4727.

With our friendly staff and comfort options, we’ll help you raise your little ones to love coming to the dentist!

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