Get A Hollywood Smile Right In St. Petersburg With Veneers

Everyone loves celebrity smiles. Bright and beautiful, they convey happiness and confidence. Now, our St. Petersburg, FL dentist can give you a gorgeous Hollywood grin in your own neighborhood. At Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS, we can take your smile to the next level with dental veneers. Just give us a call at 727-645-4727.

Bring Out The Best With Dental Veneers

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Veneers are an ideal cosmetic dentistry solution because they can bring beauty to any smile. Rather than just correcting color or shape, these tooth covers can improve a number of features:

  • Discolored teeth – If you have heavy staining or if the natural shade of your teeth is fairly dark, a tooth rejuvenation can brighten your smile. They’re especially easy on your wallet if you have some minor misalignment issues, chipped teeth, or uneven teeth. Whiten and straighten in one go!
  • Misaligned teeth – If your teeth are slightly out of alignment or have gaps between them, “instant orthodontics” can be a great solution. Because this treatment takes only one or two visits to the dentist, it’s a favorite with people who don’t want to wait months – or even years – for orthodontic treatment.
  • Gummy smile – If your gums extend too far onto your teeth, they can make your teeth appear small and out of proportion. That’s what we mean when we refer to a “gummy smile.” Some patients choose gum reshaping to correct this, but lengthening your teeth with veneers is an option that brings the benefit of alignment and color. If you have a gummy smile, Dr. Spilman will be happy to discuss which treatment is best for you and your gums when you come in for a consultation. Just call us at 727-645-4727.

Choose A Smile That Works For You, Including Low- and No-Prep Options

You may be hesitant to choose veneers because of the prep work they require. Traditionally, we would have to numb your gums and teeth so that we could shave them down. While it’s true that traditional porcelain veneers require us to remove a little enamel to keep them looking natural, we typically recommend minimal-prep or no-prep ceramic Vivaneers and Lumineers. With no-prep veneers, you don’t even need anesthetic because your teeth won’t be shaved at all!

Many patients choose these dental masks for their numerous benefits:

  • Strength – ceramic and porcelain are durable materials
  • Natural appearance – ceramic and porcelain closely mimic the look of your natural teeth and are stain-resistant
  • Reliability – ceramic and porcelain veneers have a low margin of error compared to other materials

What matters most is your satisfaction with your smile. Call us today at 727-645-4727 for your free dental veneers consultation.

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