On Vacation? Need A Dentist? We Can Help!

Hello and welcome to the online home of Jeffrey A. Spilman D.D.S. We are a versatile dental practice located in St. Petersburg, FL, and we stand ready to address pretty much any situation that could unfold in your mouth. You’d be surprised by how many things can go awry when you least expect them to! So, if you find yourself far away from your home, searching for a trustworthy, and gentle, dentist, you have come to just the right place. We have the tools, technology, and the time to give you the high-quality (and personal) care you deserve.

You see, if you are experiencing a disconcerting dental problem, we always ask, “How soon can you get here?” instead of making you wait to plug into our busy schedule. And if you are truly in pain, we will shift things around to see you the same day that you call us for assistance. Keep reading to hear more about our place and then be sure to follow up and schedule your appointment.

A Welcoming Environment Awaits You

Even if you have never stepped foot on our property before, you won’t feel like a stranger for very long. Every patient that walks through our door is treated like a part of our extended family. This means that you can expect plenty of comfort options while you are with us such as blankets, and headphones (attached to one of our iPads).

One of the most common requests from our visitors is for a pillow, which we are always happy to provide. As it happens, we treat a lot of patients here in Florida who are older and they just need a little extra support in the back or the neck.

The good news for you is that we can also go deeper, to help you relax or get over any anxiety, with dental sedation services.

Dental Sedation At Jeffery A. Spilman

With nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas), your fears will soon drift away as the sedation is inhaled through a comfortable mask. And you’ll be awake throughout the procedure and will return to a normal state of consciousness shortly after your treatment is completed.

If you opt for oral sedation, a pill, you will be conscious for your procedure, but you will be very relaxed and will likely not remember the procedure at all once it is over. Just so you know: you will want to have someone around who can drive you back to wherever you are staying.

Comprehensive Solutions

This is your one-stop shop for dentistry solutions in St. Pete! Dr. Spilman (and the rest of our team) can help you to receive ongoing preventive dental care, give you a little cosmetic boost for your appearance, or to restore your smile after damage or decay has occurred.

Learn More, Get Started Today!

We hope that this information has been helpful, and we look forward to seeing your smiling face in one of our chairs this summer! To schedule a dental appointment, call our St. Petersburg, FL office today at 727-645-4727!

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