Tooth Extractions Can Save Your Smile In St. Petersburg!

We all know that dentists are in the business of saving teeth and improving smiles. But sometimes it makes sense for us to extract a tooth to preserve your overall oral health. Keep reading to see some examples of when this type of service might be in your best interest, and then be sure to schedule your next visit to our St. Petersburg, FL dentist’s office.

Tooth Decay

We always try to use the most conservative treatment possible, like a dental filling for example. However, if there is deep damage or unaddressed tooth decay your restorative options become more and more limited.

You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to save your natural teeth if at all possible. But if the tooth is too far gone to be restored through a dental filling, root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, we may need to pull it out and pursue replacement options (like a dental implant).

Gum Disease

Once periodontal disease has attacked your gums and underlying bone, the tooth in question may be too loose to be saved by standard gum disease treatments.

In times like these, the tooth must be removed and replaced with an implant. Gum disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss in adults among Americans.

Modern Dentures

A full set of dentures or overdentures (dentures supported by dental implants) span the entire arch, so tooth extraction may be necessary if you are getting all of your teeth replaced. There is a good reason for this: it will make your replacement set fit better and feel more comfortable in your mouth.


Everyone craves a better-looking, healthier set of teeth. That is why tooth extraction may be the best place to start if your mouth is overcrowded.Think about it: braces do need room to be able to move your teeth into better alignment.

Wisdom Teeth

This is our most common situation for extracting teeth. When your wisdom teeth decide to come in and threaten the health of your surrounding teeth, we will move quickly to extract them and save your smile.
A Comfortable Process

As you can see, there are many times when we would be able to help you save your smile by “pulling teeth” as they say.

So that you experience as little pain and discomfort as possible, we will numb the gums around the tooth to be extracted and the tooth itself.

You will also be able to get comfortable during the procedure with our pillows, blankets, and headphones. It’s OK, if you are still anxious about the procedure, we can also offer you some great sedation options to help put you more at ease.

After extracting the tooth, Dr. Spilman will personally pack the socket with gauze and send you home with specific follow up directions and any relevant prescriptions for antibiotics and pain relievers.

Extractions Are Easy At Jeffery A. Spilman DDS!

If you would like to hear more about it, or if you are already convinced that you could benefit from an extraction, come in right away for a consultation at Jeffrey A. Spilman DDS. Contact us online or call our St. Petersburg office at 727-645-4727 to schedule your visit!

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