Stages of Family Dentistry in St. Petersburg, FL, Part 2

In our previous post, we began the discussion about family dentistry. We know how important this topic is to many of our patients in St. Petersburg, FL, especially if they have a family of their own.

You want what is best for your children and family, but it can be difficult to find the right dentist! You want someone who you can trust, and you want someone who is able to effectively treat every member of your family! At Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS, we have those abilities!

If you read Part 1 of this series, you saw how we approach the needs of your children and teens. Today we want to focus on you and your future. After all, you are facing unique dental challenges that you’ve never experienced before! It’s important that you know that you have someone on your side who can take care of whatever comes along.


Being an adult is full of lots of changes and responsibilities that you have probably not been prepared for. You are simply along for the ride, like most of us. This is true when it comes to your oral health, too. Adults often face things they weren’t expecting, like the following.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Being an adult means wanting to look great. Maybe you’re still in the dating game or just want to look nice so that you have the confidence you need in the workplace! We have cosmetic options that will remove the age from your smile and restore the youthful look you’ve been missing these past few years.

Root Canals– Adults will often experience their first root canal. A root canal is an infection of a tooth due to untreated decay, a small crack in the tooth, or a failed filling. Bacteria works deep into the tooth and must be removed so the tooth can be repaired. A root canal is more likely in an aging tooth.

Gum Disease – Another common problem for adults is gum disease. Adults have weakening immune systems that allow gum disease to take root. We can treat that problem and help you learn more tricks to prevent gum disease from occurring.


Senior patients have a lot of special concerns that you might not realize. Aside from the obvious concern about losing teeth, senior patients have many options to consider as they age!

Cavity Prevention – We usually associate cavities with children, but did you know that seniors are at high risk for decay? This is in large part due to their medications that cause dry mouth symptoms.

We have to take special measures to help senior patients avoid cavities. We provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants to ensure that our senior patients keep healthy teeth!

Dental Implants – Many senior patients are facing the loss of their teeth. They may just lose one or two teeth, but they may have a complete loss. In either case, dental implants present a great solution. We work closely with an oral surgeon who will place your implants, and then we will complete the restoration in our office. No matter which teeth you need, dental implants are an option.

Dentures – For patients who choose not to invest in dental implants, we offer dentures (complete and partial). Dentures are a tooth replacement option that patients tend to avoid, but with new technology and the creation of higher-quality dentures, you can have the smile you want without any of those embarrassing denture moments!

Caring for Your Entire Family in One Place!

From the smallest of children to the eldest of seniors, we have solutions that work for every member of your family. We rarely need to refer patients out because we have experience working for a vast array of patients from all stages of life.

Contact us today to set up your appointment. We would love to see you and your family very soon!

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