Spring Is Time to Spruce Up Your Smile in St Petersburg, FL

When spring arrives, you probably begin shedding layers of clothes. You may also put more thought into your appearance. Whether it’s losing a few pounds or getting a pedicure, you want to look good.

What about your smile? Unlike your abs or your toes, it’s a highly visible part of your appearance no matter what you’re wearing! In fact, it’s the first thing many people notice about you.

In between trips to the gym or to the salon, it’s a good idea to make time for your teeth. At our St. Petersburg, FL dentist office, we’ve got all kinds of cosmetic dental treatments to spruce up your smile. Whether you just want to brighten your grin with professional teeth whitening or rebuild damaged teeth with dental crowns, you can get the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Jeffery Spilman can create a comprehensive plan for a total smile makeover, recommending the cosmetic and/or restorative procedures he believes will best address your issues. To schedule a consultation with him, call 727-645-4727.

In the meantime, we’ve provided an overview of our cosmetic dental procedures to give you an idea of what is possible. Dr. Spilman can even use impressions of your teeth and gums to create a wax model that will give you a good idea of what your improved smile can look like. It will also help us choose the right procedures for you, based on factors like the size of your jaw.

Dental Veneers Hide Imperfections

When attached to the front surfaces of your teeth, dental veneers can hide many flaws, including:

  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Worn-down or too-short teeth

Veneers can even conceal excess gum tissue! Some veneers require us to remove a small amount of enamel to affix them to your teeth. But our partner, California’s Glidewell Laboratories produces many different types of veneers – including ones that require no removal of enamel.

Dr. Spilman will discuss the pros and cons of each type of veneer to help you select the right one for your smile. Then he’ll take impressions of your teeth, pick a shade that will blend in with your grin, and send the information to the lab. When the veneers arrive, he’ll securely bond them to your teeth.

With proper care, veneers should last at least a decade. They resist staining, and they even strengthen your teeth!

Crowns Can Fix Even Broken Teeth

While veneers are a versatile fix, they can’t repair more extensive dental damage. For that you’ll need a dental crown, which completely covers your tooth. They work well for breaks, large cracks, and misshapen teeth. Again, Dr. Spilman takes tooth impressions, matches the shade to the rest of your smile, and gives the information to Glidewell Laboratories.

Your crown will be made of high-quality porcelain, ceramic, or zirconium. All of these materials are prized for their natural appearance and their durability. Dr. Spilman often uses a crown to cover a tooth after a root canal procedure so it looks great and isn’t susceptible to further damage. He can also replace a single missing tooth by attaching a crown to a dental implant.

Get a Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth can make a big difference in how your smile looks! It’s also the only cosmetic treatment you can do yourself at home. It takes about two weeks to achieve maximum brightening with home treatments that you apply using custom trays that we create for you. You can choose a treatment designed to be used for short periods during the day or one that can be left on teeth overnight. Both are made by popular brand Zoom.

Your results will be far whiter than what you get with drugstore products, thanks to the professional-strength formulation of the gel and the custom-fit trays that make it easier to apply. If you want a whiter smile right away, you can complete a whitening treatment in under an hour in our St. Petersburg, FL dentist office.

Fix Problems in a Flash With Bonding

Bonding is a treatment during which Dr. Spilman applies tooth-colored resin directly to your teeth, then shapes it to conceal imperfections before “curing” it with a special light. It works best for minor flaws like small chips and uneven edges. While it is quicker and more affordable than getting veneers, the results won’t last as long.

Get an Even Gumline

If it’s your gums and not your teeth that bother you, Dr. Spilman can use a laser to reshape them. He can even out a crooked gumline or remove excess tissue to restore a more attractive balance of teeth and gums to an overly “gummy” smile. Thanks to the laser, the process is quick and painless.

Fill Smile Gaps With Bridges or Dentures

If missing teeth create unattractive gaps in your smile, you’ve got several options for filling them. We can use a dental bridge or partial dentures to replace several missing teeth. A bridge can be held in place by dental crowns attached to either natural teeth or dental implants. While Dr. Spilman doesn’t place dental implants, he can restore them with crowns, bridges, or even dentures. We don’t use metal clasps or wire for our partials, so they look natural in your smile.

For more information on any of our cosmetic dental services, call 727-645-4727. We’ll be happy to help you spruce up your smile!

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