Some Good News Concerning Bad Breath!

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We are a patient-centered practice in St. Petersburg, Florida. This means that YOU are our top-priority.

To put you at ease while you are here, we offer a number of comfort options including pillows and blankets, headphones attached to an iPad, and refreshments. If you’re feeling anxious about seeing the dentist, we also have sedation options, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you get the care you deserve.

We tell patients all the time, if you go to 20 different dentists, they are going to give you 20 different opinions on how to best handle your issues. But we make a point of listening to your goals and considering your needs and budget when deciding on a personalized plan of attack.

And we aren’t just talking about your teeth. Our office is concerned with the complete picture when it comes to oral health.

One common problem that we can help you to solve is bad breath. Even if you struggle with halitosis, the more severe and chronic form of bad breath, we have great options for you to consider.

To that end, for today’s blog post, we have opted to focus on tips for overcoming bad breath. When you are done reading, be sure to follow up with our team to get on our calendar.

Let The Waters Flow

Water is a big help when it comes to health. Honestly, staying properly hydrated is the best thing you can do to keep bad breath from running wild.

You see, it turns out that saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth that is causing your bad breath. And for saliva to be released, you will need to drink lots of refreshing water. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of those benefits. It’s even better for your mouth if you drink fluoride-infused water.

Move Past Mints

We get it. An after dinner mint might momentarily cover up the horrific taste in your mouth. And it may seem like the best solution but, trust us, it only makes things worse for you in the end. That’s because most mints are loaded with sugar.

And after the mint has dissolved in your mouth, a sugary residue lingers. Why is that bad? It actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems!

Tell Your Tongue Enough Is Enough

If you are a victim of chronic bad breath, take some time each day to scrape and brush your tongue. It is the best way to banish bacteria from that region. You’ll be glad that you did!

Brush, Floss, Then Do It Again

From an early age, bacteria is developing in your mouth just waiting to cause problems for you. Overcoming your current bad breath is actually a matter of addressing that bacteria!

For best results, you should be brushing and flossing twice a day or more to drive bacteria out of the hard-to-get-to precincts of your mouth.

This will ensure that your mouth remains fresh and clean in-between your checkups.

Let Us Help!

Our preventive dentistry program will keep you on-track. For more information about defeating bad breath, or to schedule your next appointment at our St. Petersburg office, call us today at 727-645-4727!

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