Find Relief From TMJ Pain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Troubles with your TMJ — the joints that connect your jaw to your skull — can result in migraines, jaw pain, and facial fatigue. Over time, it can really interfere with your daily activities.

At the office of Dr. Jeffery A. Spilman, we work to identify the cause of the TMJ dysfunction so we can relieve the pain fast. Many times, TMJ pain is caused or aggravated by stress-induced teeth grinding and jaw-clenching at night.

We’re able to prevent you from putting this undue stress on your jaw by providing you with a custom-made “Comfort Splint” that adjusts the position of your jaw while you sleep. This seemingly small change can prevent nighttime grinding and clenching so you can wake up free of discomfort!

So, how can you tell whether you may have a TMJ disorder? Check out the infographic below to learn about common indicators of TMJ dysfunction.

Then, if you’re interested in high-quality, personalized TMJ disorder solutions in St. Petersburg, FL, give us a call at 727-645-4727!

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