Re-Thinking Gum Disease In St. Petersburg

Re-Thinking Gum Disease In St. Petersburg

Welcome to our oral health blog. We hope that you will find lots of useful information in this platform. If you happen to live in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, we hope you’ll be inspired to pay us a visit in-person.

You’ll be glad that you did because at Jeffery Spilman, DDS, we make it our mission to properly address your family’s ever-changing dental needs so that we can boost your overall health and keep you smiling all through life. Who wouldn’t want that kind of protection for themselves and their family?

Anyway, today, we wanted to talk about an unpopular, though increasingly common, condition: gum disease. It is important to go over our treatment options and prevention care so that you will be prepared in the event that it ever happens to you or someone you love.

What’s The Deal With Gum Disease?

Your gums are a major player in your oral health. They are what hold everything in place, namely your teeth. Together with bone and other soft tissues, gums provide the support structure that keeps things functioning properly. They ought not to be taken for granted!

Gum disease starts out as a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis produces bad breath along with an inflammation of your gums that is actually the result of bacteria (contained in plaque) attacking your system. You may not even realize you have a problem at first.

It won’t be long before you take notice though. Your gums will become very agitated as the plaque dips down below your gum line, causing swelling and bleeding. This is the beginning of periodontal disease, a more advanced form of gum disease.

What To Expect From Periodontal Disease

This stage won’t be pretty. The infected gum tissue will begin to pull away from your teeth, creating gaps around them. When your gums retreat from your teeth, these pockets can grow larger creating a fertile breeding ground for more bacterial growth.

The situation will cause your teeth to fall out. And that won’t be good for anyone.

But wait, it gets worse!

Recent studies have shown a correlation between gum disease and more serious health concerns such as respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

So, this is serious business, and nothing to take lightly. It will be important to have a dentist you can trust to turn things around for you!

Jeffery Spilman, DDS, Has Your Back

There is some good news: the earlier you catch gum disease, the better it will end for you. Higher levels of oral hygiene practices at home (brushing, flossing, rinsing), combined with dental exams and teeth cleanings is sometimes all it takes to reverse early stages of the disease. And the more frequent checkups you have, the better we can stay on top of whatever is going on.

We can also help with periodontal disease by treating your gums with scaling and root planing. This entails a deep cleaning of your teeth that will remove all of the plaque and calculus from your teeth, under your gumline, and along your roots.

But that’s not all we can do! With the use of soft-tissue laser technology, we can also reshape and recontour gums to help you achieve maximum oral health with minimum discomfort or recovery time.

Full disclosure: in some extreme cases, we will need to step away and refer you to a trusted periodontal surgeon who specializes in severe cases of periodontal disease. We want you to get the best treatment possible in the shortest amount of time, even if we have to bring someone else in to get the job done.

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To hear more about gum disease prevention and treatment, or to schedule a consultation, contact our St. Petersburg dental office right away! We are here to help get you back on track!

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