New Year’s Smile Solutions

New Year’s Smile Solutions

Welcome back to the final December edition of our oral health blog. We are excited about the coming new year! As Mayor Kriseman likes to say, St. Petersburg, FL is a city of real opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work, and play. And in such an environment, why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best at all times?

To that end, at Jeffery A. Spilman DDS, we tackle a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions. We have plenty of good opportunities for you to quickly straighten out whatever dental issues you are dealing with and begin feeling better about yourself.

A Better Smile Can Be Yours

Regardless of age or background, everyone deserves to have a smile that they can be proud to share with the world.

What’s stopping you?

Maybe it all seems overwhelming or sounds too expensive?

We can assure you that it can be affordable and easy to navigate with us on your side.

Maybe you need to just schedule a consultation so that your St. Petersburg, FL dentist can evaluate your current situation and set you up with a treatment, or combination of treatments, that makes good sense.

Some of our easy and pain-free cosmetic dental procedures include:

Dental Bonding

Spending time with your dentist will help you bond over time. Just kidding. Dental bonding is something you might want to consider if your teeth are characterized by cracks and gaps.

It’s simple, really.

For this cosmetic procedure, we will simply apply a tooth-colored resin to each necessary tooth and then shape and polish it to fill in gaps, cover cracks, correct discoloration, and whatever else might need to be done.

A little dental bonding can make a big difference in your smile!


We love veneers! If your teeth are misaligned, misshapen, discolored, or have gaps between them, veneers may be just the thing to hide all of your flaws.

These thin shells are placed permanently over your existing teeth to correct the appearance of stains, broken teeth, cracks, gaps, and other imperfections.

Veneers are a great catch-all solution that can be administered in one brief visit to our office. Ask us about lumineers if you want to go a slightly different route.

Gum Reshaping

Do you have a gummy smile? That is to say, are your teeth and gums in proper proportion to one another?

If you have what is known as a “gummy” smile, where your gums extend too far over your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for a reshaping procedure.

For this, we use high-tech laser recontouring tools to change the shape of your gums in order to show more of your teeth.

Trust us, this is an easy fix!

Claspless Dentures

Truth be told, this is more of a specialty item that works well for certain patients.

In the event that you are missing a series of teeth and do not want metal to show from dentures, we can create some great claspless dentures just for you.

What does that involve? The name says it all!

Rather than relying on metal clasps to hold everything together, these dentures discreetly attach to your adjacent teeth, allowing for a more enchanting smile.

Sounds good, right?

Dentist-Guided Teeth Whitening

Horrible stains are changing the color of your teeth. But who really wants to give up on morning coffee? Especially when whitening solutions are readily available. Just don’t ever trust your smile to one of those DIY kits that you see at the drugstore.

As far as professional teeth whitening is concerned, we have found that Zoom! is the safest, most effective system available in St. Petersburg, FL. And that is why we use it!

To get the ball rolling with Zoom! teeth whitening services, we will first take an impression of your top and bottom teeth so that we can have a set of custom dental trays made especially for your mouth. This is one area where those aforementioned kits will set you up for failure.

Then you can choose to have your whitening sessions completed in our office or at home as your schedule allows.

Whichever you choose, you will be equipped with the custom trays and enough professional-strength whitening gel to make for a fast, effective, and safe treatment process.

When we are through with you, you will definitely feel like showing off your pearly whites!

Jeffery Spilman, DDS, Can Fix Your Smile

Now that the new year is approaching, why put it off any longer? These cosmetic dental procedures are available to you at anytime. Still, we hope you will be inspired to come see us sooner than later to talk through your options.

If you are ready to get to work on revamping your smile, contact our St. Petersburg, FL dental office today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

And, Happy New Year!

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