Managing Your Dental Anxiety Will Help Your Oral Health (video)

Relieving Dental Anxiety in St. Petersburg, FL | Jeffery Spilman, D.D.S.

Did you know that experts estimate that up to 1 in 5 Americans avoids going to the dentist because of dental anxiety? If you are one of them, we want you to know that it’s OK if you feel that way.

But more importantly, we want you to know that our dentist office in St. Petersburg, FL, can help you ease your way back into a dentist’s chair. In the video below, our dentist, Jeff Spilman, DDS, discusses ways we work with our patients, including sedation dentistry.

Take a few moments to watch the video. Then, call 727-645-4727 or contact us online to learn more about us or, if you are ready, to schedule an appointment.

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