Are You Making The Most Of Your Dental Insurance?

The summer season in Florida is always exciting, but now that it is here, it signals that we are midway through 2017. And if you have not yet been able to visit Dr. Spilman at least once, you are really missing out.

Consider this: if you have dental insurance, most plans will cover up to two professional teeth cleanings and oral exams per calendar year. But those benefits don’t normally roll over. And we think you should “use it” rather than “lose it.”

Today we’ve included a video link that looks at how dental insurance works. After you are finished watching, be sure to contact us to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment at our St. Petersburg, FL dentist’s office, so that you can maximize your benefits and optimize your oral health the rest of the year. If you hurry, we still might be able to get you in with Dr. Spilman more than once before the end of 2017!

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