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Thanks for stopping by the online home of Jeffery A. Spilman, DDS! We are your go-to place for smile makeovers in the St. Petersburg, FL area. No matter what sort of dental damage or imperfections have been bothering you, our team can help turn things around in a hurry. Keep reading to hear more about some of our awesome cosmetic dentistry treatments, and then be sure to contact us to schedule your consultation!

Cosmetic Bonding

If you want to ease into the world of cosmetic dentistry, this affordable solution is a good way to do it. Dental bonding could work for you if your teeth are plagued by cracks and gaps. For this cosmetic treatment, we will apply a tooth-colored resin to each necessary tooth and then shape and polish it to fill in gaps, cover cracks, correct discoloration, and whatever else might need to be done.

Dental Veneers

Do you have dental damage that is deep or varied? No worries! If your teeth are misaligned, misshapen, stained, or have spaces in-between them, veneers can hide all of your flaws. These thin ceramic shells are placed permanently over your existing teeth to correct the appearance of stains, broken teeth, cracks, gaps, and other flaws. Our veneers are a great catch-all solution that can be administered in a non-invasive fashion.

Gum Reshaping

Sometimes it is the gums and soft tissues that are in need of some work. If your gums extend too far over your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for a reshaping procedure. For reshaping, we use high-tech laser recontouring tools to change the shape of your gums in order to show more of your teeth.

Claspless Dentures

If you are missing several teeth and do not want metal to show from dentures, we can create some great claspless dentures just for you. Instead of using metal clasps to hold everything together, these dentures discreetly attach to your adjacent teeth, allowing for a more natural smile in the end.

Professional Teeth Whitening

This is our number one requested cosmetic dentistry service. And for good reason. There is so much that can stain or discolor your formerly pearly whites. But that’s why we are here. For our professional teeth whitening services, we have found that Zoom! is the safest, most effective system available in the area.

We will first take an impression of your top and bottom teeth so that we can have a set of custom dental trays custom-built for your mouth only. Then, you can opt to have your whitening sessions completed right here in our office or at home as your schedule permits.

With both, you would be equipped with the custom-built trays and more than enough professional-grade whitening gel to make for a quick and reliable treatment experience!

Learn More, Get Started!

Don’t wait for a better moment that never comes. Why not transform your smile through cosmetic dentistry today? All you have to do is contact our St. Petersburg, FL dental office to set-up your cosmetic dentistry consultation. We’ll take care of the rest!

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