The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A Smile Makeover

Think of the best present that you could give yourself this holiday season. Maybe it’s that cute dress you’ve been eying or a much-needed vacation. But why not give yourself the gift that keeps on giving?

That’s right: A smile makeover.

Investing in your smile is an investment in your confidence, your social life, and your overall happiness!

And when you trust the office of Jeffery A. Spilman D.D.S. with your life-changing smile makeover, you’ll love the process almost as much as you love the results.

Our compassionate staff will start by listening carefully to your smile insecurities and, most importantly, your smile goals. Together, we’ll create a customized blueprint for your ideal smile that consists of two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.

And we’ll make sure you’re feeling comfortable every step of the way. We can even create a mock wax-up of your teeth and gums to show you what the results will look like before the work even begins!

You don’t have to tolerate a smile you don’t absolutely love! Call our St. Petersburg, FL office at 727-645-4727 today to schedule your smile makeover consultation.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we can combine to create your personalized treatment plan!

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you look at photos of your smile, are you dismayed by the dull yellow hue of your teeth? Are your pearly whites neither pearly nor white?

Give us a call! Dr. Spilman has decades of experience with professional teeth whitening and has found that Zoom! whitening products are the safest and most effective. Plus, removing years of stains from coffee, tea, and other problematic foods and drinks is one of the most economical ways to upgrade your smile and enhance your appearance.

Dr. Spilman offers both in-office teeth whitening procedures and take-home whitening trays.

If you’re looking for the fastest, most dramatic whitening procedure available, in-office treatments will brighten your smile up to eight shades in just 45 minutes! Plus, you can combine in-office and at-home whitening treatments to maintain your results.

Dental Veneers

If dental flaws — like discolored, chipped, or misshapen teeth — are the most prominent thing about your smile, then dental veneers might be just the solution you’re looking for.

Dental veneers are thin but tough pieces of porcelain or composite that are made to look like healthier versions of your natural teeth. They’re bonded to your teeth to conceal dental imperfections for a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Dental veneers are an extremely versatile smile solution. You can get just one placed to cover up a single problem tooth, or you can place one on every tooth that’s visible when you smile. This will give your teeth a straight and uniform appearance!

At the office of Jeffery A. Spilman, D.D.S, we’re proud to offer ultra-thin dental veneers that require little to no preparation of your teeth. If you prefer a thicker, more traditional dental veneer, we’d be happy to have any brand of pressed ceramic dental veneer made for you!

Claspless Dentures

If you’re missing multiple teeth and require a partial denture, the key to an incredibly discreet and convincing prosthetic is in the clasp — or lack thereof!

At the office of Jeffery A. Spilman, D.D.S, we offer partial dentures with no visible metal clasp or wiring. The result is a natural-looking prosthetic that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Gum Recontouring

Sometimes, your teeth aren’t what you dislike about your smile. If you have a “gummy smile” — where your gums overpower your teeth — or just simply are troubled by an uneven gum line, gum recontouring can help you achieve a balanced, more aesthetically pleasing smile.

We use special dental lasers to adjust the appearance of your gums. It may sound intimidating, but don’t worry. This state-of-the-art technology actually makes the procedure more gentle and more precise than traditional methods!

Dental Bonding

More minor cosmetic issues can often be solved with an affordable and painless procedure called dental bonding.

It’s used to correct many of the same dental imperfections as dental veneers, but it uses tooth-colored resin to conceal flaws. In less than an hour, you can correct minor flaws and flaunt a beautiful, newly repaired smile.

It’s important to note, however, that dental bonding typically doesn’t produce the same long-lasting results as dental veneers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine whether dental veneers or dental bonding is right for you.

Call Today To Start Your Journey To A More Beautiful Smile

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself! Sure, you could opt for a new haircut or a manicure, but the results of a smile makeover — the boost in confidence — will be enjoyed for years and years.

Call us today at 727-645-4727 to schedule a consultation. You can also request an appointment using our convenient online form.

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