Change Your Life With a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation (Video)

If you’ve got multiple broken, missing, or worn-down teeth, you’re probably a good candidate for a full-mouth rehabilitation. This process can take time and may involve different restorative dental services like dental implants, dentures, or dental crowns. Once the transformation is complete, though, your new smile should last for many years.

You’ll enjoy many benefits:

  • A smile that looks as good as it did before – or even better
  • The ability to eat whatever you’d like, including foods like apples and steak
  • A boost in self-confidence
  • Improved oral health

Watch our video to hear Dr. Jeffery Spilman discuss full-mouth rehabilitation. If you’re ready to change your smile, and your life, call 727-645-4727 to schedule a consultation in our St. Petersburg, FL dentist office.

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