Take Care of Family Dental Care Before School Starts

New activities are usually part of the new school year, with a lot of permission slips coming your way. Your kids may opt to try new sports, learn to play musical instruments, or experiment with everything from debate to drama. It’s hard to know what they – and you – will be doing two months from now. But you’ll know you’ll be busy!

So it’s a good idea to schedule your family dental care before classes begin. We can help you get caught up on dental cleanings and other routine care before school starts. When you find yourself rushing to pick up one kid right before dropping off another, you’ll be glad you did!

Call our St. Petersburg, FL dental office today at 727-645-4727 to make family dental care appointments for your children – and yourself too. Unlike some general dentists, we offer Friday and Saturday hours. And we’re open until 6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, so you can schedule appointments after work.

Family Dental Care Starts With Exams & Cleanings

We recommend a dental exam and dental cleaning every six months for every member of your family.  During an exam, Dr. Spilman will ensure your child’s teeth are developing as they should. If he sees alignment issues that should be addressed, he might refer you to an orthodontist.

We’ll clean the plaque and tartar that causes cavities from your children’s teeth. Even if they brush and floss regularly at home, they can miss areas between the teeth and around their gums. Dr. Spilman may also suggest applications of fluoride and/or dental sealants to help prevent cavities.

If he finds any cavities, he’ll fix them with a filling. We use tooth-colored composite fillings, which blend in naturally with your smile. So even if your kids are self-conscious about their appearance these days, they won’t worry about silver spots in their smile!

Make sure your older kids get cleanings and exams too! It’s even harder to keep tabs on them if they’re away at college.

Get Athletes Fitted for a Custom Mouthguard

If you’ve got kids who play on school sports teams or intramural squads, send them back to school with a mouthguard. According to an article in the Journal of the American Dental Association,13-39 percent of all dental injuries are sports-related. That’s a lot of injuries! Your child should get a mouthguard if they are involved in sports that involve running, physical contact, and/or balls that spend at least some time in the air.

Dr. Spilman will take impressions of their teeth so their mouthguards will fit perfectly and be comfortable. If they don’t fit well, your athletes will be tempted to leave their mouthguards in their gym bags. We can even get mouthguards in team colors.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Confidence for Back to School

If you’ve got children in high school or college, ask them about cosmetic dentistry before school starts. A terrific-looking smile can help them feel confident, in both social and academic situations. Confidence is important, whether they’re asking someone out on a date or auditioning for a play.

Among the cosmetic dental treatments they can get from Dr. Spilman:

  • Dental veneers, which are great for covering all kinds of flaws, including cracks, stains, and chips. They can even hide small gaps and minor misalignment.
  • Teeth contouring, which can used to remove small chips and uneven edges, so your teeth look smooth and evenly shaped.  
  • Teeth whitening, which offers far better results than whitening products you buy at the drugstore.
  • Gum reshaping, which makes their gumline look great by removing excess gum tissue.

All but veneers are procedures that can be completed in a single appointment.

To make appointments for family dental care, call Jeffery Spilman, D.D.S. at 727-645-4727.

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