Experience A More Comfortable Root Canal Procedure [VIDEO]

At the office of Jeffery A. Spilman D.D.S., we understand that root canals have a bad reputation. But we don’t think it’s entirely deserved.

“The reason a root canal got a horrible name over the years is sometimes teeth are so infected that the anesthesia doesn’t work and patients … are in an awful lot of pain during the procedure,” Dr. Spilman said.

Root canal procedures are often necessary to save a badly infected tooth from extraction. Plus, when you see a highly skilled dentist like Dr. Spilman, you can experience relatively little discomfort during the procedure!

Watch this video to learn more about root canal therapy. Then, let us challenge your assumptions of what a root canal procedure feels like! Call our St. Petersburg, FL office at 727-645-4727 to schedule an appointment.

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