Dr. Spilman is 50!

Wow 50 is finally here.

I don’t feel a whole lot different. I don’t look a whole lot different but apparently this is a big birthday. Of all of the pearls of wisdom that have been passed down to me either from wiser individuals or the result of my own fumbling, the pearl that resonates the most with me is MODERATION.

When we don’t practice moderation, things just get messy. For example, I was a runner for years and played college football. I have always carried college football weight even into my middle age. Well half marathons, 230 pounds and hard asphalt is not a good combination for the knees. Two arthroscopes, cortisone, and knee lube has taught me that I need to dial it back to moderation. Now, I do less impact exercise, walk with my wife and hit the little white ball. And I do it without pain.

I know this blog doesn’t involve dentistry but sometimes life lessons grab you especially on birthdays!

Be well,
Dr. Spilman

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