A Gentle Dentist For Vacationers!

Welcome to our dental blog! Now that May is here, it is tourist season in the sweet, sunny south. If you are on vacation in the St. Petersburg area, and need a gentle dentist to look after your unexpected needs, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

At Jeffrey A. Spilman D.D.S., we are a comprehensive dental office, but we specialize in alleviating fear and anxiety.

In fact, to that end, we’d like to share a little story. When Angie showed up last summer looking for help with a particular problem, she was noticeably disconcerted. You see, she was from a small town in northeast Ohio and only here for a handful of days. Still, she worried about the situation in her mouth. It only made matters worse that she didn’t know anyone here. As such she was even more nervous about confronting the reality of her oral health than she might have been back in Youngstown in her own dentist’s office.

But Angie quickly learned that we were willing to go to the extra mile to make sure she felt welcome as a guest patient and that she would be comfortable during her visit with us. And that we could help address her dental woes!

The good news is that Angie’s story has a happy ending. After we attended to her minor dental emergency, she was able to walk out of our office with a clean, pain-free mouth.

Still, it isn’t easy when you feel like a stranger. Even on vacation, you will want to partner with a dentist’s office that has the training, tools, and technology sufficient enough to take care of your needs.

But you will also want to work with a team that is kind and compassionate and that has a disarming environment.

A Great Environment

The thing to keep in mind about us is that everyone is treated like family. As such, you can expect those extra touches including comfort options such as pillows, blankets, and headphones (attached to one of our iPads).

We can also take it further, in order to put you at ease, with dental sedation.

If you do have some level of dental anxiety, in addition to just being out of sorts and far from home, let us know and we will set you up with one of our sedation dentistry techniques that will quickly put your fears to rest.

Sedation Options

With nitrous oxide (laughing gas), your fears will soon float away as the sedation is inhaled. And you’ll be awake throughout the procedure and will return to a normal state of consciousness shortly after your treatment is completed.

If you opt for oral sedation, you will be conscious for your procedure, but you will be very relaxed and will likely not remember the procedure at all once it is over. Fair warning: you will want to have someone around who can drive you back to wherever you are staying.

One way or another, we’ll make it possible for you to get the care you need until you get back home!

Give Us A Try!

Even if you are travelling, you can’t escape your oral health needs. But you can trust that in our office, your comfort will always be a priority. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of pain or unpleasantness when you are under our care.

To schedule an appointment, call our St. Petersburg, FL office today at 727-645-4727.

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