Reshape Your Smile with Teeth Contouring and Crown Lengthening

Jeffrey Spilman, DDS : Crown Lengthening and Teeth Contouring in St. Petersburg, FL

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I think there are two really strong areas where tissue contouring or gum contouring is a perfect situation for. The first situation is more medicinal. I see a lot of patients who are on certain medications, especially the anti-seizure medications that cause their gums to overgrow. Sometimes the gum work with the hygienist and the root planing won’t get the tissue, the gums to calm down. So what we do is we go in there and we will use a laser and we will trim the gum back. A lot of kids come in and they have worn braces for years as well and their gums get bunched up and kids don’t take care of their teeth so we will use a laser to trim and shape the gums back to expose more of their teeth. The second instance which I love tissue contouring for is when a patient comes in and they have just a gummy smile and their teeth appear just a little short.

So what we will do is we will go in and recontour right up along the gum line to expose just a little more teeth and if you can expose just a little more tooth, they get the appearance of a longer tooth, a less gummy smile and they will do that in conjunction with veneers an awful lot. That way I can make the veneers look longer and more like realistic teeth. There are also other things we can do for a gummy smile but tissue contouring is one of the best and probably one of the easiest to do.

When you smile for the camera, do you relax and give a big, toothy grin? Or are you more likely to keep your lips pursed together? If your teeth are uneven, or you have a gummy smile, you may be in perfect dental health but still feel awkward and embarrassed to smile or laugh with friends, family, and coworkers.

With teeth contouring and crown lengthening procedure, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted … and you can do it without braces or other extensive dental or orthodontic work. In fact, you may need nothing more than a little bit of gum reshaping and teeth contouring of your teeth or gumline.

Teeth Contouring for a More Beautiful Smile

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Of course crown lengthening refers to trimming the gum back so that we can make a better fitting and a healthier crown. After the patient is numbed up, just some gum is recontoured or trimmed back to expose more of the tooth, therefore you get a better fitting crown and the patient can maintain it with dental floss and rinse. It improves the overall lifespan of the crown and improves the patient’s oral hygiene.

Are your teeth relatively straight, but they appear to be different lengths? Or do they seem to point in slightly different directions? You actually have a few options when it comes to straightening your teeth and getting a more even appearance with teeth contouring.

In some cases, you’ll just need to have some of the enamel shaved off and some reshaping work performed on your teeth. In these instances, you may not even need any anesthetic, as your tooth enamel has no nerve endings of its own, and you’ll just feel a bit of vibration as the teeth contouring procedure is done. In other cases of teeth contouring, we will actually need to recontour the bone or apply crowns or veneers to give your teeth the look and feel that you’re after.

Crown Lengthening and Gum Recontouring

If you have a gummy smile, where your teeth appear too small because your gums descend too far down onto them, we can address this, as well, thanks to soft-tissue laser technology or diode electro-surge techniques. During these procedures, we will actually reshape your gumline, cutting away excess tissue and exposing more of your teeth.

In most cases, crown lengthening does not actually involve lengthening your teeth. Rather, it involves removing bone or tissue to give your teeth a longer, more balanced appearance. In some cases, however, especially in restorative procedures where teeth have been damaged or have suffered a lot of decay, we may recommend porcelain crowns or veneers in addition to gum recontouring.

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