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Jeffrey A. Spilman, DDS : Smile Makeover in St. Petersburg, FL

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A smile makeover relates to changing the appearance of a person’s smile. This might be something extremely drastic or it might just be the alignment or the appearance of a couple teeth. A lot of it depends on the patient’s perception and what they want their ideal smile to look like. I mean they might come in and they might hold up a picture of Julia Roberts and say “I want this wide smile and I want my teeth shaped just like that” and we might come to some kind of compromise as to what their teeth look like but we have the ability to drastically improve a patient’s smile. And by drastically improving a patient’s smile, it drastically improves their health and it drastically can improve their personality because a smiling patient and a smiling person is normally a happier person.

Can you smile confidently when you meet new people? Whether you’re interviewing for the job of your dreams, making an important presentation, or going out on a first date, you want your smile to show off your winning personality and charm. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with a perfect smile, but with a smile makeover, you can achieve the white, straight, gorgeous teeth that you’ve always wanted.

Some people are lucky enough to need only one or two simple procedures to reach perfection, but for the rest of us, there’s a smile design – a custom plan designed just for you. During your initial consultation, Dr. Spilman – a top cosmetic dentist in St. Petersburg, FL – will make recommendations for treatments and procedures to give you the results you want. Some common procedures for a smile makeover in St. Petersburg, FL  include but are not limited to:

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Anyone who has a wrinkle on their face or a line they want to disappear is a great candidate for Botox. After researching the subject, who better to give Botox injections than dentists who are working around the head and neck all day long and who strive to give painless injections. It’s a service that I am very excited to incorporate into my practice.

When you need a lot of work done to bring your smile up to par, it can be hard to imagine what the end result will look like. However, by taking impressions of your teeth and gums, we can actually have Glidewell Labs create a mock wax-up of your teeth and gums to show you what you have to look forward to.

This will not only help you get a good visualization of what we are working toward, but it will also help us tailor your treatments and procedures. With the help of your mock wax-up, we can recommend the right procedures to make alterations to your smile based on your facial features, the size of your jaw, and other factors.

When you visit us at Jeffery A. Spilman DDS at our office in St. Petersburg, FL, we can help you reach your goals for your smile with a smile makeover that will leave you looking great and feeling even better. You won’t ever hesitate to smile for the camera again.

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