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Jeffery A. Spilman D.D.S : Dental Anxiety Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

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My first and foremost way to treat dental anxiety is just a soft voice and a calming office. I would love to get patients through with no medication and just helping them relax by just the way we speak to them and treat them. Having said that, a lot of patients need medication and my first line of defense is Nitrous Oxide. It’s a flavorless, scentless gas and it has been around for many, many years. It is very controlled and very safe and it takes the edge off of patients. I always tell them it’s like a glass and a half of wine and the beautiful thing about Nitrous Oxide is that as soon as the Nitrous Oxide is taken down and the oxygen is taken back up, their symptoms are reversible.

So after they have had Nitrous Oxide, they don’t need a driver, they can drive back to their office or back home. It has been a really great modality for me to lessen the anxiety. Often times I will use a medication like Valium or Xanax for patients. I will have them take Valium an hour before they come in, I actually dispense it in my office and watch them sit there for an hour so they are safe and by the time they get back into my chair, they are really relaxed. I think the most important thing though is education once again. We don’t sneak up on people, we don’t give bad shots.

You tell them up front, you know this is a topical anesthetic and there will be a small poke, hopefully no poke at all and I’m going to tell you exactly what we are going to do before we do it. I think if more dentists and even more physicians would practice that philosophy, anxiety might go down.

When you choose Jeffery A. Spilman DDS, you’ll know that your smile is in great hands. Not only are we highly qualified and experienced, but we also work diligently to help you feel as comfortable as possible when you visit us. From clearly explaining and discussing procedures with you to comfort and sedation options, Dr. Spilman is committed to dental anxiety treatment and giving you a positive dental experience.

Comfort Options

Whatever the reason for your visit, we want you to feel comfortable. That’s why we will gladly provide comfort options such as pillows, blankets, and headphones with a variety of music to listen to on one of our iPads. If you have a request that would make you feel more relaxed, let us know and we will work to accommodate you.

If you are coming in with your child, you are more than welcome to join them in the exam or operatory room to help them feel more secure and comfortable, as well. If you are feeling anxious at all or if your child is uncertain, please let us know so that we can find a way to help you both relax and enjoy your visit.

Sedation Options

We also offer both nitrous oxide and dental sedation options for dental anxiety treatment. If you feel extreme dental anxiety when visiting the dentist, we can help you. With oral sedation, you will be conscious for your procedure, but you will be very relaxed and will likely not remember the procedure at all once it is finished. With nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, you will almost immediately relax as the nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture is fed through a nosepiece. You’ll be awake and will return to normal in minutes after the procedure is done.

Long Appointments

In addition to these options, we also offer longer appointments to work slowly and methodically through your dental work in a single sitting. This reduces the number of appointments you will need for most of the procedures we offer. This is a great option if you choose sedation, as well, as we can do more work for you while you are already under sedation.

Private Operatory Rooms

Some patients experience dental anxiety in social situations and can feel exposed when they sit in an open examination or operatory room. All of our ops are private, and we can perform all of our procedures behind closed doors to ensure your comfort and privacy.

Want to learn more about everything we can do to help you feel more at ease at the dentist’s office with dental anxiety treatment ? Contact us today at our St. Petersburg, FL office by calling 727-645-4727 for dental anxiety treatment in St. Petersburg, FL  or by sending us a message through our online form.