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When it comes to dentures, I had the advantage of working with my father for at least a decade. He was a denture guru. He was trained in the 60’s and they didn’t have dental implants back then so I’m very well versed in dealing with dentures. Whether a patient comes in to repair a denture, it might be fractured or missing a tooth and I can certainly take care of that or if a patient for some reason doesn’t want dental implants or is afraid of dental implants, my own mother is afraid of dental implants and she has been married to a dentist for 62 years, but I’m comfortable making new dentures if that’s what they need. There are also realigning procedures where patients just love their dentures and they need to be realigned but I’m comfortable with all phases of dentures and partial dentures. For years I used to use a temporary denture and the teeth were not nearly as lifelike but I stopped doing that because even a temporary denture needs to look good so I use a dental lab with very realistic hard plastic teeth and I can have the ability to make them look very realistic and look very natural.

Dental dentures technology has come a very long way in the last few years. If you are missing all of your teeth but still have enough bone mass in your jaw to hold implants, you can choose a set of removable, implant-retained dental dentures. If you are only missing a few teeth, due to trauma or decay, you may choose a claspless partial dentures with no visible metal showing, which almost perfectly simulates the look of natural teeth.

Full Dentures

Traditionally, if you were going to your dentist for full dentures and you needed to have one or more teeth removed, you would have to wait until the healing was complete to have your dentures made and placed. You now have the option to have immediate dentures placed in your mouth the same day as your extraction. Over the healing period and afterward, we will keep an eye on your jaw and your dentures to ensure that any necessary adjustments are done to prevent pain, discomfort, or damage.

Implant-Retained and Implant-Supported Dentures

You may also choose implant-retained (on bars) or implant-supported (on balls) full dentures. Implant-retained dentures connect your dentures to the implants using a bar, while implant-supported dentures stay in place by modifying dental implants with balls on top that snap onto sockets on your dentures. Depending on how much bone mass remains in your jaw, one of these options might give you the most comfortable and natural fit and feel for your dentures. You’ll never have to worry that your dental dentures will become loose and slide out!

Partial Dentures

If most of your teeth are in good shape but you have one or more contiguous teeth that need to be extracted (or have already been extracted) due to trauma or decay, partial dental dentures could be your answer. We offer esthetic partials, which have no visible metal clasp or wiring and appear completely natural to anyone looking at your beautiful smile.

Temporary Partial Dental Dentures (Flippers)

Also known as transitional dental dentures, these temporary solutions are used when you have just lost one or more teeth. They can be made to very closely match the shade and appearance of your natural teeth and can be used until your permanent dental dentures are ready.

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