Cosmetic Dentistry Is Easier Than Ever In St. Pete!

Whether you live in St. Petersburg, FL full-time, part-time, or are just visiting, you owe it to yourself to see what Dr. Spilman can do for your smile while you are around. Our team is equipped to address any annoying dental issues that have followed you around all your life, as well as any recently…Read More

Teeth Whitening Can Save Your Formerly Pearly Whites

Here’s a sad truth: your teeth will take on a darker tone as you age, and your daily dose of coffee, soda, wine, and so forth will all leave their mark on your formerly pearly whites. This is just the way of the world. Still, no one wants to walk around with yellow or otherwise…Read More

A Dentist You Can Trust While On Spring Break Or Vacation

When travelling, you can always expect the unexpected to happen at the least welcome time. But if you are in the St. Petersburg, FL area and you suddenly find that you need some dental attention from a seasoned dentist, Dr. Spilman has got you covered. In our office, we regularly treat vacationers, snowbirds, and other…Read More

What’s The Deal With Gum Disease?

A great smile is important. But it is totally dependent on the state of your gums. You see, your gums are what hold everything in place, namely your teeth. Together with bone and other soft tissues, gums provide the support structure that keeps things functioning properly. They should never be taken for granted! Still, most…Read More

Does Smoking Lead To Gum Disease And Tooth Loss?

If you would like to hear all about what smoking (and other tobacco use) will do to your mouth, watch this video clip from our friends at the American Dental Association. It looks at the many ways in which tobacco negatively affects your oral health and destroys the appearance of your smile. Yes: staining, gum…Read More

Let’s Talk About Dental Veneers!

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And, if you were not exactly in love with your smile this year, you should let Dr. Spilman take a look. Our St. Petersburg, FL dentist’s office is equipped to change your situation in a big way through cosmetic dentistry. With today’s post, we wanted to talk specifically…Read More

A Restorative Dentist’s Office In St. Pete!

We understand that sometimes, through no real fault of your own, things can go awry in your mouth: cavities, gum disease, infection, pain, and tooth loss are all things that can happen to anyone, regardless of your age or background. Don’t worry, we will be here to pull you back on track fast should you…Read More

What Can I Do About My Chipped Teeth? | St. Petersburg, FL

A: Plenty! If you stop by our St. Petersburg, FL dentist’s office for a smile makeover consultation, Dr. Spilman can help you decide on a cosmetic dentistry solution that will get the job done in a safe and effective manner. One possibility is that we can set you up with dental veneers. These thin ceramic…Read More

Start Using Your 2017 Dental Insurance Benefits | St. Petersburg, FL

Now that we are in the first month of 2017, your dental insurance benefits–the ones that more than likely come out of your paycheck every month–are at the beginning of their annual cycle for most folks. As such, we encourage you to check out this helpful video link below, in which the American Dental Association…Read More