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I want to emphasize that no two mouths are alike nor should the plan be to restore their mouths. I tell patients all the time, if you go to 20 different dentists, they are going to give you 20 different opinions on how to restore your mouth. Listening to the patient is number one. What are their goals, do they just want this one area fixed or do they want to completely make over the entire mouth. There are several ways to restore teeth and I think patients should be given several options. It doesn’t have to be good, better and best, it should be what’s best for them.

Our patients choose Jeffery A. Spilman DDS for superior care, cutting-edge technology and procedures, comfort, flexibility, and convenience. We are here for you, for emergencies, restorative procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Choose us for…

Cutting-Edge Technology

For the best and fastest results for your smile, we implement all of the latest and most effective dental technology. We offer digital radiography in every room. For gum recontouring and reshaping, we use soft-tissue lasers that create stunning results with the least discomfort possible. Intraoral cameras help Dr. Spilman and our dental hygienists see exactly what’s going on in your mouth and how to address it. Our office is fully computerized, but not paperless, and we have computers in each room for fast and easy record-keeping and visualizations.

Comfort Options

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I think the most common item of comfort our patients need is a pillow. Dental chairs aren’t built for everyone. I’m very uncomfortable in a chair because I am long-waisted but I see a lot of patients, especially in Florida, I see a lot of patients who are older and they just need support in the back or the neck so I have invested in all these airline pillows, the neck pillows that you see passengers with and I tell them “you are flying British Airway today” and I put a blanket over their lap and a pillow behind their neck just making sure they are comfortable.

To make you feel completely at home, we offer a number of comfort options, including pillows and blankets, and headphones with a range of music options on an iPad. If you’re feeling anxious about your treatments, we also have sedation options, including nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

The Doctor is In

If you have a dental problem, we ask, “How soon can you get here?” Instead of making patients wait on our schedule, we cater to yours. If you are in pain, we can see you the same day that you call us for help.

In addition to availability and flexibility, our patients also enjoy Dr. Spilman’s common-sense approach to dentistry. He focuses on prioritizing the dental work that you need and working with you to choose the right procedure for your needs. Instead of forcing you into generic (and often expensive) treatment plans, he will always work with you to come up with a customized plan that’s perfect for your dental health.

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I realize that to get to my office, that patients in Pinellas County are going to have to pass at least ten other dentists. What makes our office unique as I break it down into the three A’s, is affability, affordability and availability. I believe it is a nice office that treats people as we would want to be treated or as they would want to be treated. I also feel that we offer a lot of payment options for them including care credit which can offer 6, 12, 18 months same as cash. And then availability; I extend my hours on Monday’s and Wednesday’s to at least 6:00 and then I’m in my office Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to noon, at least three Saturdays a month depending on my kids’ schedule at the University of Florida.

With flexible scheduling and appointment hours on Saturdays, our patients enjoy the very best care from an expert dentist with a very experienced staff. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our office in St. Petersburg, FL, call us today at 727-645-4727. You can also fill out our online contact form, and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly.